(1) RepMatch: Matlab Wrappers for wide-baseline matching and 3-D reconstruction.

Matlab code contains: (a) RepMatch pose and correspondence; (b) CODE matching; (c) Robust Pose estimation; (d) Wrappers for sending match information to Visual SfM. Warning it is extremely slow. We are working on the speed now.

(2) CODE: Coherence based Decision Boundaries for Feature Matching

C++ code for wide-baseline feature matching. Code Libraries Visual Studio 2010, 2013

(3) Aligning images in the wild

Code for illumination robust image alignment, written with Liu Linlin. Code

(4) Robust Non-parametric Data Fitting for Correspondence Modeling

Code for robust non-linear regression that provides the basic engine for many other papers. Code, Paper

(5) Dimensionality's Blessing: Clustering Images by Underlying Distribution

Code for clustering data by their distribution. Code, Data

Bits and Pieces

Video by Wang Fan on integrating matching with Visual SfM.

Interface to "Let there be color!", written by Wang Fan and used in the above video, Matlab Code

Robust two view pose estimation. Difference from conventional techniques: (a) Uses a larger minimal set, 20+ instead of 5 points. The larger point set gives additional stability and leverages on RepMatch's very clean matches. (b) A different bundle adjustment formulation which does not require 3-D points as variables. (c) A number of iterative steps to ensure stability. See (1) for code.