Primary Contributors

Wen-Yan Lin, Daniel: linwenyan.daniel{at}
Siying Liu: sliu50{at}


This work is primarily supported by the Singapore Management University, with major contributions from Minh N. Do and Jiangbo Lu from Advanced Digital Sciences Center; Philip Torr from Oxford; Sai-Kit Yeung and Ngai-Man (Man) Cheung from SUTD; Ming-Ming Cheng from Nankai; and Yasuyuki Matsushita from Osaka University. Many others have given generously of their time, knowledge, writing, advice, coding etc. Listing everyone is impossible. However, we remember and are grateful. Thank you.

Past Students

Ren Changhao: ren.changhao{at}
Bian Jiawang: jiawang.bian{at}
Liu Linlin: kodylau{at}
Wang Fan:{at}