Current People

Wen-Yan Lin


Siying Liu


Bian Jiawang



Many people have contributed heavily to the projects here, giving generously of their time, knowledge, writing, advice, coding etc. We would like to list everyone but that would be impractical and the nuance of individual contributions would be lost in a few bullet points. We remember and are grateful. Thank you.

This series of works are primarily supported by the Advanced Digital Sciences Centre, specifically the ITEM group headed by Minh N. Do and Jiangbo Lu. However, we have also benefited from men and resources (as in they hired us) from many other labs. These include Philip Torr from Oxford who sponsored the pioneering research, as well as, the Institute of Infocomm Research A*STAR, Sai-Kit Yeung from SUTD and Ming-Ming Cheng from Nankai who are active collaborators.


Liu Linlin

Helped develop and code the "Aligning images in the wild" algorithm. Also built the Matlab based A-SIFT used in "Bilateral Functions for Global Motion Modelling".


Wang Fan

Contributed the GPU-ASIFT coding and re-coded the "CODE matching" algorithm into C++. He set up the previous version of this website.{at}